Tramlines 2014 – Sunday!

Finally. Got through them all! It took Sunday a little slower, even though slower still meant 20 bands, but over 8 venues. Due to quite a few of these shots being taken in West Street Live, which had the same blue leds burning away at the stage, I’ve been a little more experimental with some Lightroom work here, just to ease the boredom of some of the shots all looking the same.

Dark Sky Park
Seconds Apart
Che Ga Zebra
We Dig For Fire
The Summer War
Max Restaino
Ichabod, I think!
Tomorrow We Sail
Radical Boy
Northern Oak
In Fall
The Half Earth
Cloud Boat
Perfect Crimes

Regulus, Firegarden, Fear Lies, Santiago Kings, Sleepless

Another night put on by Paul at Harrisons, this time with five bands! In an attempt to avoid the LED problem from my last visit to Harrisons I attempted to use the built in flash on my camera, wrapped up in quite a lot of toilet roll to attempt to diffuse it a bit. It didn’t really work, meaning I abandoned it just for straight light shots instead, meaning it was quite a job to find good shots of the last 2-3 bands due to the lack of white light. Still, some of them came out pretty good, and I’ve worked out that if you pull the temperature and tint right down on lot of the shots you can compensate for the over bright colour spots a bit, without too much changing of the original colours. Mind you, I’m making so many tweaks to these photos now, it seems a bit daft to attempt to try and keep the original colours 😉


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