Live Bands Video

Black Riders Cult, Every Black Day, Broken Piano, Jan Doyle Band

A full on goth fest at the Mulberry, hosted by the irrepressible Derek of Jan Doyle Band. Sadly, I didn’t manage to stay for the last band, “John Merrick’s Remains” as I was shattered, but I do have a great set of photos of them from Goth City previously. Sorry guys! I’ll make it up to you.

I’m really happy with this set to be honest. Jan Doyle Band are a delight to photograph due to the animation and movement. Some of the other bands I struggled with dark corners on the stage meaning really only the vocalists were picked out, but the photos developed well with a bit of legwork in Lightroom and plugins. I managed to get some wobblecam videos too… Enjoy.

The Black Riders Cult

Every Black Day

Broken Piano

Jan Doyle Band

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