We Dig For Fire

Back in 2014, Andy from We Dig For Fire, who’d I’d photographed a bit a few times over the years, dropped me a message on Facebook and asked if I’d be willing to come and do some promotional shots for them at some point.  After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided I would have a go and arranged it.   Those photos will appear on here fairly soon, but after taking them, We Dig For Fire were playing at Corporation so I hung around and took some shots of them during the gig, and afterwards while packing down.

I wasn’t that happy with the live shots I ended up with; it did seem to be darker than usual in Corporation and I was really struggling to get anything at all in a reasonable ISO for my camera, so I ended up given up and pushing it to 3200 which results in really grainy shots.

I do like the relaxed but exhausted vibe you get from the shots after the gig though!


White Mess, Blind Eye

An update! Since doing all those photos for Tramlines, my back has been quite sore! I’ve put this down to hunching over the laptop every night tidying up photos for so long, so I’ve avoided finishing up some gigs I’ve shot. Oops. I’ve got about a 5 gig backlog now, so its about time I started catching up.

I was asked by White Mess to come down and take some shots. There were 4 bands on tonight, but wasn’t feeling great, so just grabbed the first two before heading off.

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Our Portraits In Black, Opinicus, Dawn Of A New Day, The Inside Is Live

Adam of Opinicus, hearing that I was taking some shots of Exit Strategy One at Corporation on Friday night offered me a photo pass to come and take pictures of their gig the following night, this time on the large stage.   I couldn’t really turn this one down, having the opportunity to get behind the crowd barrier and get some shorts with a decent lighting rig!

It turned out that a Corp photo pass meant I could only get in front of the barriers for the first three songs of each band, which seemed a bit crazy, but actually turned out to be plenty of time to get lots of shots off.

I stuck with the new lens for the whole evening and came out with some photos I was actually really happy with.   The only complication was some changes done to the lighting when Opinicus were playing.  The level dropped enough to throw me, meaning that the shots were a lot harder to get right.  Consequently I’m not as happy with a lot of the shots selected here, but put them up as is was Opinicus who invited me!

We Dig For Fire, Volume Zero, Exit Strategy One, They Say Fall

Exit Strategy One, who were really happy with the couple of shots I got at them last year at West Street Live decided they’d like a few more photographs in exchange for free entry and a couple of beers.  Always up for a free gig, beer and an opportunity to practice with the camera I accepted!

This was also the first live photography outing for my new lens, a Canon EF 50mm – f/1.4 USM recommended by Simon from http://www.disturbing.org.uk/ as I’d been muttering about the low light problems I’d been having at previous gigs on Facebook.

The new lens worked out ok, being able to drop the f-stop to less than 4.0 was a massive benefit, meaning I could up the shutter speed and avoid a lot of the blurring and still get a decent amount of light.  However, the small room in Corporation threw up its own complications.  The stage is elevated really high, and not exactly being the tallest photographer made it awkward to get decent shots.  The fixed focal length of the lens also provided another challenge in that room:  with there being no barrier in front of the stage, I was either right in front of the band and therefore far too close, or moving backward to improve the shot would be directly behind other bodies who would be right in the shot.

I took over 800 shots, a scary number to sort through afterward, and managed to select the following that I was reasonable happy with.