We Dig For Fire Promotional Photos

I’ve taken pictures of We Dig for Fire a couple of times over the past few years, so ended up being friends with some of them on Facebook. ¬†Late last year, their front man Andy P dropped me a line and asked me if I’d do them some Promotional shots. Eep. ¬† I’ve never done any shots that weren’t live (or at least, candid, non-posed pictures of friends) so I was pretty nervous, and really unsure of what to do. ¬†Also, I really didn’t have a lens! ¬† Luckily, Andy S came to the rescue and loaned me his EF 14-40mm f/4.0 USM lens (he likes to call it wideboy) which appeared to be pretty perfect for the job!

Doing the shoot, I had really no idea what I was doing, and didn’t really guide the band into the shots, they just kinda of milled around while I took shots and attempted to work out what might work. ¬†In the end though, I did manage to get a bunch of shots I was happy with, and the through the use of some serious Lightroom manipulation, turned into some shots I was actually quite happy with.

Next time, I need to properly talk with the subjects and make sure we’ve got a good idea what we are after and attempt to create it, rather than just luck my way though!

We Dig For Fire

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We Dig For Fire

Back in 2014, Andy from We Dig For Fire, who’d I’d photographed a bit a few times over the years, dropped me a message on Facebook and asked if I’d be willing to come and do some promotional shots for them at some point. ¬†After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided I would have a go and arranged it. ¬† Those photos will appear on here fairly soon, but after taking them, We Dig For Fire were playing at Corporation so I hung around and took some shots of them during the gig, and afterwards while packing down.

I wasn’t¬†that¬†happy with the live shots¬†I ended up with; it did seem to be darker than usual in Corporation and I was really struggling to get anything at all in a reasonable ISO for my camera, so I ended up given up and pushing it to 3200 which results in really grainy shots.

I do like the relaxed but exhausted vibe you get from the shots after the gig though!


Tramlines 2014 – Sunday!

Finally. Got through them all! It took Sunday a little slower, even though slower still meant 20 bands, but over 8 venues. Due to quite a few of these shots being taken in West Street Live, which had the same blue leds burning away at the stage, I’ve been a little more experimental with some Lightroom work here, just to ease the boredom of some of the shots all looking the same.

Dark Sky Park
Seconds Apart
Che Ga Zebra
We Dig For Fire
The Summer War
Max Restaino
Ichabod, I think!
Tomorrow We Sail
Radical Boy
Northern Oak
In Fall
The Half Earth
Cloud Boat
Perfect Crimes

We Dig For Fire, Volume Zero, Exit Strategy One, They Say Fall

Exit Strategy One, who were really happy with the couple of shots I got at them last year at West Street Live decided they’d like a few more photographs in exchange for free entry and a couple of beers.¬† Always up for a free gig, beer and an opportunity to practice with the camera I accepted!

This was also the first live photography outing for my new lens, a Canon EF 50mm – f/1.4 USM recommended by Simon from http://www.disturbing.org.uk/ as I’d been muttering about the low light problems I’d been having at previous gigs on Facebook.

The new lens worked out ok, being able to drop the f-stop to less than 4.0 was a massive benefit, meaning I could up the shutter speed and avoid a lot of the blurring and still get a decent amount of light.  However, the small room in Corporation threw up its own complications.  The stage is elevated really high, and not exactly being the tallest photographer made it awkward to get decent shots.  The fixed focal length of the lens also provided another challenge in that room:  with there being no barrier in front of the stage, I was either right in front of the band and therefore far too close, or moving backward to improve the shot would be directly behind other bodies who would be right in the shot.

I took over 800 shots, a scary number to sort through afterward, and managed to select the following that I was reasonable happy with.