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To Raid And Render

Pretty damn pleased with this. I took some promotional shots for the We Dig For Fire guys what seems like an age ago and I’ve finally got my hands on a physical copy of the album.  It has a bunch of them in the booklet. Sweet. 😀

Promotional Photos

We Dig For Fire Promotional Photos

I’ve taken pictures of We Dig for Fire a couple of times over the past few years, so ended up being friends with some of them on Facebook.  Late last year, their front man Andy P dropped me a line and asked me if I’d do them some Promotional shots. Eep.   I’ve never done […]

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We Dig For Fire

Back in 2014, Andy from We Dig For Fire, who’d I’d photographed a bit a few times over the years, dropped me a message on Facebook and asked if I’d be willing to come and do some promotional shots for them at some point.  After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided I would […]