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In the Black Midwinter Day One: Last July, Rain Children, The Black Riders Cult, Hands of Industry, AMereKat

I’ve not done many photos recently, but Derek of Join The Night Shift asked me to step in and take some shots of the first day of his new Sheffield festival; In The Black Midwinter. Being as I was playing on both Saturday and Sunday, this lead to quite a busy weekend! I struggled a […]

Live Bands Video

Black Riders Cult, Every Black Day, Broken Piano, Jan Doyle Band

A full on goth fest at the Mulberry, hosted by the irrepressible Derek of Jan Doyle Band. Sadly, I didn’t manage to stay for the last band, “John Merrick’s Remains” as I was shattered, but I do have a great set of photos of them from Goth City previously. Sorry guys! I’ll make it up […]

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Wanton: Unicorn Hunters, Psython, Steel Trees

While working on my last set of photos, I realised I had a couple of photos sets which didn’t appear to be on the site! Oops! Here is set from Wanton 3, at the Yellow Arch Studios. Sadly we had snow on the day, which limited the turn out, but it was great fun nonetheless! […]