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In the Black Midwinter Day One: Last July, Rain Children, The Black Riders Cult, Hands of Industry, AMereKat

I’ve not done many photos recently, but Derek of Join The Night Shift asked me to step in and take some shots of the first day of his new Sheffield festival; In The Black Midwinter. Being as I was playing on both Saturday and Sunday, this lead to quite a busy weekend! I struggled a […]

Festivals Live Bands

Goth City 2017: Manuskript, Libitina, Luxury Stranger, In Isolation, The Creeping Terrors, John Merrick’s Remains

Goth City! I missed the first Goth City last year, but made sure I went this time. Joel (the organiser) was happy for me to take my camera so I grabbed a bunch of shots. The light was not great in there, and there was far too much smoke during In Isolation and Libitina for […]