‘Patron Saint’ single release party at The Rocking Chair

Thomas had another launch party! This time with Harrison Rimmer, LIO and Silence Dogood. This is the first set of photos I’ve done since I cleared the massive backlog I had, so it’s great to finally get behind the camera again. Like with the previous Thomas and the Empty Orchestra gig, because there wasn’t a huge backline, I took the opportunity to take some more videos. This time though, I worked with Restless Focus who was also there to coordinate some footage of Patron Saint. That’s not yet published though as we are still working on it.

So, the photos. I felt like I was struggling to get decent angles on these. A lot of the best shots seemed to be ruined by a mic in the face! As a result some of the shots are taken from below with more of an angle than I wanted, but they’ve cleaned up ok. I’m happy with the majority of the set, but really like how some of the photos of Thomas and the Empty Orchestra have come out. I’m not quite sure why they’ve come out looking like they have. It might be just as I’ve got on a roll going through them and starting being comfortable handling the dark blue lighting that was what we had to work with.

In an attempt to not have thousands of photos to work through, I restricting the number of shots I took for the support acts and just went for it with Thomas. This resulted in about 287 photos, which was a much more pleasant number to work through than the 500+ I usually end up with. Including the 4 hours for the gig, it’s taken about 18 hours to complete this set, not including the videos.

Envy by Harrison Rimmer

Dancing in the Rain by LIO

“Untitled” by Silence Dogood

Thomas and the Empty Orchestra

Thomas and The Empty Orchestra – Patron Saint – Official Video from Moose Lorals on Vimeo.

Harrison Rimmer


‘A More Equal Punishment’ Single Launch Party at Moon Unit’s Tea Emporium

Jumping ahead to do a small set before it gets too old! I headed down to Tom’s launch party for his new Thomas and the Empty Orchestra single. I wasn’t really up for taking photos, but Liz convinced me to come and just to take a few for each band. Really glad I did because I enjoyed myself, despite the complete lack of light. The room was lit with a couple of strings of fairy lights, so I was using a very slow shutter speed and my 50mm prime as wide as it would go. This is resulted in some dark, partially focused and grainy shots, which on reflection, have tidied up pretty well in lightroom.

The biggest struggle I was having was not being able to focus properly. It was so dark the autofocus was failing, and the depth of field was so tight that manually focusing was really hard. I’m also not practised enough at that!

I gave up on photos eventually and took some video instead, which was a nice change. See them below.

Thomas and the Empty Orchestra – A More Equal Punishment

Arms & Hearts – Dust and Bones

Thomas and the Empty Orchestra

Arms & Hearts

Kid Conventional

Steve and the Sea

Thomas and the Empty Orchestra

Bit of a newer set than one from the backlog. Thought I’d start trying to alternate newer things as well as the older sets so I still feel like it’s worth me taking my camera out.

Popped out to see Thomas and the Empty Orchestra at The Frog and Parrot which was nice. The lighting was really hard to work with though, massively back lit and a bunch of pink LEDS pointing at them. Turning them B&W really helped to control the flooding of the white a bit!

I’m not sure of the name of the opening act. My Google-fu has failed me.

Thomas and the Empty Orchestra