Birdskulls, Broadbay, Beat Easton, Cold Holding

I saw Birdskulls playing at Tramlines back in 2014 upstairs in The Great Gastby and thought they were great.   A fuzzy low-fi grungy band; I immediately downloaded a bunch of their tracks from their Soundcloud account and added them to my playlists, so I was pretty happy to see them line up another gig in Sheffield, this time at Golden Harvest.   I wasn’t sure what a gig at the Golden Harvest was going to be like, being as it was a cafe/smoking paraphernalia shop, but decided to bring the camera down too.

Working through this set (now almost a year old!) was a little depressing.   The photos, starting with Cold Holding, started out quite fun, but dropped in quality as they progressed.  The lighting in the venue wasn’t great; having the dusk light coming in for Cold Holding really helped; and the position of the bar/counter cramped the room up a lot meaning moving was difficult.  As a result there really wasn’t much from the Beat Easton and Broadbay shots I could work with.  (Broadbay also turned out to be right up my street and a perfect warm up act for Birdskulls)

There are a couple of shots I like from the Birdskulls set, but I think my favourites are all from the Cold Holding set.



Beat Easton

Cold Holding

Tramlines 2014 – Sunday!

Finally. Got through them all! It took Sunday a little slower, even though slower still meant 20 bands, but over 8 venues. Due to quite a few of these shots being taken in West Street Live, which had the same blue leds burning away at the stage, I’ve been a little more experimental with some Lightroom work here, just to ease the boredom of some of the shots all looking the same.

Dark Sky Park
Seconds Apart
Che Ga Zebra
We Dig For Fire
The Summer War
Max Restaino
Ichabod, I think!
Tomorrow We Sail
Radical Boy
Northern Oak
In Fall
The Half Earth
Cloud Boat
Perfect Crimes