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Birdskulls, Broadbay, Beat Easton, Cold Holding

I saw Birdskulls playing at Tramlines back in 2014 upstairs in The Great Gastby and thought they were great.   A fuzzy low-fi grungy band; I immediately downloaded a bunch of their tracks from their Soundcloud account and added them to my playlists, so I was pretty happy to see them line up another gig in Sheffield, this time at Golden Harvest.   I wasn’t sure what a gig at the Golden Harvest was going to be like, being as it was a cafe/smoking paraphernalia shop, but decided to bring the camera down too.

Working through this set (now almost a year old!) was a little depressing.   The photos, starting with Cold Holding, started out quite fun, but dropped in quality as they progressed.  The lighting in the venue wasn’t great; having the dusk light coming in for Cold Holding really helped; and the position of the bar/counter cramped the room up a lot meaning moving was difficult.  As a result there really wasn’t much from the Beat Easton and Broadbay shots I could work with.  (Broadbay also turned out to be right up my street and a perfect warm up act for Birdskulls)

There are a couple of shots I like from the Birdskulls set, but I think my favourites are all from the Cold Holding set.



Beat Easton

Cold Holding

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