Eight Deadly Words, Halloween

Eight Deadly Words playing a Halloween gig at The Dove and Rainbow in Sheffield. Lighting was better here than at the last venue I photographed them, but the right hand of the stage was very dark meaning it was hard to get any decent shots of Carlo and Aiden. An awful lot of shots of Peter were also spoiled by the shadow of his mic stand in front of his face as well, meaning this set is very Julia heavy!

Eight Deadly Words, Exit Strategy One, Fight The Bear

Live at West Street Live on Sunday the 9th of October, 2011.

Eight Deadly Words
Exit Strategy One
Fight The Bear
– (plus someone I missed)

The lighting here isn’t great, although improved from the last I was here. This resulted in an awful lot of overly dark and/or blurry motion shots. I took about 350 shots and managed to pull the above out, via judicious Photoshop fiddling. Some of these are smaller crops of larger shots due to these sections being the only parts in focus.