Little Mono, Spitfire, Biophony

Little Mono were the first band to reach out to me for some photos back in 2014 and I really enjoyed their tunes, so when I saw they’d released an album, Sailing Songs, which eventually turned out to be one of my most played albums of 2016, I jumped at the chance to come and photograph them again.

Their line up had expanded a little, which made getting them all on camera on the West Street Live rather difficult. (There were 5 of them, but I think you can only see 4 in the photos!). The lighting set up for the gig left quite a few dark spots on the stage at the edges, and an awful lot of light straight down the middle. This meant I was struggling a bit with balancing the shots out, leaving some of them a little washed out.

Rather excitingly, this is the last of my backlogged sets of photos (except for one I’ve abandoned!) so all of a sudden I’ve space to take the camera to a few more gigs again… what next!

Little Mono



Heavy Duck, Little Mono, Air Drawn Dagger

On Wednesday I got my first ever request for some photos through the contact form. Joe from Little Mono wanted someone to come and take some photos of their gig at The Green Room. This was an interesting gig. The bands started before 9 and there was no stage, instead just the corner of the bar right in front of some large windows with no gig lighting. This meant that for both Air Drawn Dagger and Little Mono, they were backlit by bright sunlight and very little else!

I experimented with the inbuilt flash on my camera but quickly abandoned that, instead setting the camera up for dark shooting and trying to get low enough to cut out some of the direct lighting. Interestingly, on quite a few of the photographs, you could cut out most of the harsh backlighting in Lightroom by pulling the highlights bar significantly without affecting the rest of the shot much.

Despite the rather ‘challenging’ (for me anyway) environment, this set include what I think its my favourite photo so far, the black and white shot of Maisie from Air Drawn Dagger.


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