Tramlines 2014 – Friday!

My first attempt to photograph a festival was a very different kettle of fish to just turning up at a gig with my camera. No, instead it was turning up at 10 different gigs with my camera! I spent the whole evening rotating around the Tramlines fringe, which was about 10 different venues, sticking my head in and taking pictures. I ended up with about 490 photos, from which I’ve managed to tidy up and select a rather scary 90+! I’m not sure if the forced time with each band meant my shooting was more selective, or because I’ve less photos to choose from for each band I’m being less picky. Well, let me know 😉

Line up, in picture order

Glass – Could be Glass Caves
La Bete Blooms
Silent Doctrine
Kiziah & The Kings
The Death Rays of Ardilla
Ivory Kings
April Towers
Sam Scherdel
Blind Drivers
Back To Verona
Far From Home
Day Old Hate
Unicorn Hunters
(random busker!)
The Ruby Jacks
(random crazy guys in a transit with a PA and a kit!)
Arrows of Love
(random smiley guy)
Feral Mantra
Be Like Pablo
The Starkins

Bayonet, Deadset Dream, Animated, O Captain

It was a bit of a rush to get down for this gig. Left work bang on time, rushed home, got changed for a run, showered, and then ran back out to Harrison’s 1854 to catch the first band O Captain. I’d heard them on soundcloud and was really looking forward to them. Glad I managed to make it on time.

Again this time we have lots of LED lights, and some natural light through blinds on stage left. This means the photos for O Captain seemed to come out easier to work with than the darker shots for the other three bands as the sun went down. The obvious exception was the bassist of the last band Bayonet, who, in his white teeshirt, was lit up quite wonderfully and almost all of his shots looked great. The singer of Bayonet was a real struggle to get a good shot off. Most of the shots looked great on my camera preview window, but once I was looking at them on my computer, he was really washed out, and being quite light in colouring made it very hard to get decent photographs. Oh well!


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