Live Bands

Our Portraits In Black, Opinicus, Dawn Of A New Day, The Inside Is Live

Adam of Opinicus, hearing that I was taking some shots of Exit Strategy One at Corporation on Friday night offered me a photo pass to come and take pictures of their gig the following night, this time on the large stage.   I couldn’t really turn this one down, having the opportunity to get behind the crowd barrier and get some shorts with a decent lighting rig!

It turned out that a Corp photo pass meant I could only get in front of the barriers for the first three songs of each band, which seemed a bit crazy, but actually turned out to be plenty of time to get lots of shots off.

I stuck with the new lens for the whole evening and came out with some photos I was actually really happy with.   The only complication was some changes done to the lighting when Opinicus were playing.  The level dropped enough to throw me, meaning that the shots were a lot harder to get right.  Consequently I’m not as happy with a lot of the shots selected here, but put them up as is was Opinicus who invited me!

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