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Paul Venkman: Under Control single cover

JP, who has put on many of the events I’ve photographed at over the last few years asked me to take some portrait photos for him to use on his new CD Release cover: “Paul Venkman, Under Control”. The brief was to get a portrait photo of him which would then be manipulated by a digital artist (Scott D’Arcy) for the cover. He wanted to have a bit of a down, soulful look for it.

I’ve never done any proper portrait photography before, so I just had to make it up! We used some lighting rigging he had to hang a sheet (which I ironed to get the wrinkles out) and then used his LED lights, directed at the corners of the kitchen to try and soften the reflections a bit. It wasn’t great for a neutral background, but it was enough for me to get something which Scott could use. We tried a whole range of expressions, directions and teeshirts to try and get a feel. It was quite entertaining, but in the end I think we were both happy with what we got.
So, here is what I captured:

Here is the final result after Scott had worked on it:

Check out his new single:

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