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Bad Pollyanna, Morning Star, Aonia, Soul Shredder, Lost Effect

I really did not enjoy taking pictures at this gig. It was just far too dark for my poor little D450, and was probably the point when I decided to upgrade it. Sifting through the photos has been painful, as there were over 200 of then, mostly far too dark and grainy to be of use. Still, I managed to get these.

Bad Pollyanna

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Morning Star



Soul Shredder


Lost Effect

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2 replies on “Bad Pollyanna, Morning Star, Aonia, Soul Shredder, Lost Effect”

Still came out great though.
Any chance of getting a copy of the Soul Shredder shots (I’m the drummer who can’t keep his wardrobe intact) as it’s proof we do occasionally gig 🙂
Thanks for coming along either way.

Use the contact link and send me some details of what you want and how you’d like them and I’ll sort 😀

Thanks for dropping by!

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