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Awooga photo used in Tramlines Programme

One of my photos of Awooga was picked up and used in their Tramlines programme profile photo. Cool 🙂


The original can be seen near the end of this Tramlines 2014 set

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These remain the best photos of Awooga to date. A shame Taz the drummer doesn’t feature on any of them but that seems the fate of drummers, lurking on the shadows at the back of the stage. Brilliant photography, well done.

Thanks! That was a great gig. Blew me away!

Drummers are often hard to photograph because they are at the back, and moving fast in the dark usually. Sometimes you can get a decent shot, but I’m not sure I’ve managed it yet with Awooga. I’ve one set of theirs waiting to put up, so you never know….

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