Raspberry Metal, Krapwerk, The Meat Comes From The North

This was a tough one! Lee from Krapwerk asked me to come down to take some shots of them, but it being September with an early start and limited stage lighting meant the room was pretty much daylight for much of the first two bands, and then really dark for the final band. I always find it hard in daylight always makes it hard to make people look like “rock stars” rather than people with instruments. And my 450d really can’t handle it being too dark, resulting in a lot of grainy pics. Still, managed to get these, some of which are ok!


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The Meat Comes From The North

Laura Moody photo used on The Arts Desk

One of my photos from the April Sofar Sounds gig was used by The Arts Desk as the lead photo on a gig review!

Laura Moody’s manager dropped me a line earlier this week asking for couple of hi res shots in case they wanted to use them and it turns out they did.  🙂

Really quite chuffed.  See the article here: The Arts Desk

Full set of shots

We Dig For Fire Promotional Photos

I’ve taken pictures of We Dig for Fire a couple of times over the past few years, so ended up being friends with some of them on Facebook.  Late last year, their front man Andy P dropped me a line and asked me if I’d do them some Promotional shots. Eep.   I’ve never done any shots that weren’t live (or at least, candid, non-posed pictures of friends) so I was pretty nervous, and really unsure of what to do.  Also, I really didn’t have a lens!   Luckily, Andy S came to the rescue and loaned me his EF 14-40mm f/4.0 USM lens (he likes to call it wideboy) which appeared to be pretty perfect for the job!

Doing the shoot, I had really no idea what I was doing, and didn’t really guide the band into the shots, they just kinda of milled around while I took shots and attempted to work out what might work.  In the end though, I did manage to get a bunch of shots I was happy with, and the through the use of some serious Lightroom manipulation, turned into some shots I was actually quite happy with.

Next time, I need to properly talk with the subjects and make sure we’ve got a good idea what we are after and attempt to create it, rather than just luck my way though!

We Dig For Fire

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