Eight Deadly Words, Exit Strategy One, Fight The Bear

Live at West Street Live on Sunday the 9th of October, 2011.

Eight Deadly Words
Exit Strategy One
Fight The Bear
– (plus someone I missed)

The lighting here isn’t great, although improved from the last I was here. This resulted in an awful lot of overly dark and/or blurry motion shots. I took about 350 shots and managed to pull the above out, via judicious Photoshop fiddling. Some of these are smaller crops of larger shots due to these sections being the only parts in focus.

Mourning for Autumn

My first ever attempt at live gig photography, Mourning For Autumn.    West Street Live isn’t a great venue for taking shots.   It’s pretty dark in there, with really only one light over the centre of the stage which you can see illuminating the front man in these shots.    I was also using the stock lens with my camera which meant I was really struggling to get any shots that weren’t really motion blurred or just almost completely dark.  As a result, these photos are really a salvage operation!    Still, I quite enjoyed it, and the tidied up photos were reasonably well received.