Live Bands

Roaming Son, Black Thunder Revue, The Fargo Railroad Co, Blue Rooster

Way back in 2014 I wandered into a shop during Tramlines to see Blue Rooster rocking it out with some style and took some photos which ended up on this site.  Blue Rooster later on asked me if I’d take some shots of them at some time, which I agreed to.  Almost a year later, I ended up seeing them and a bunch of other bands at The O2 Academy, which is a bloody lovely venue for photography.  Lots of decent lighting and room!

This might be the first gig with my 5D MIII.  Although I suspect I’ve said that a couple of times.  Anyway, it was very new, and I remember lots of fiddling with it while trying to work out how to use it.  I really like the photos I ended up with though! (Although perhaps the focus is a little soft on some of them)

Roaming Son

Black Thunder Revue

The Fargo Railroad Co

Blue Rooster

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