Iron Sphincter, Das Chip Shop

Somehow I managed to chew through over 500 shots for just these 2 bands, none of which came out particularly good.  Poor focus, confusing lighting…. but.. ZOMBIES!  Still, I suspect part of my unhappiness with this set was having to wade through all the shots to find ones I liked.  Perhaps I should limit myself more when at the gigs!  (Although, I’ve been taking significantly less than this recently!)

Anyway, great band!  You should check them out, but remember to wear old clothes….


Iron Sphincter

Das Chip Shop

Sofar Sounds: Laura Moody, The Gorgeous Chans, Steve and the Sea

My second Sofar Sounds, and this time I’d been invited along to photograph. Ok, queue ridiculous nerves and feeling completely unready for it! Oh well! Here we go!

The venue this time? Upshot Espress, a little cafe bar with about the same amount of space as Vintedge did at the previous one. This time though, I didn’t have Andy’s lens. Luckily, he also turned up with his camera so he could take the wide angle shot responsibility!

This was a much tougher gig to shoot. The room was reasonably filled, meaning moving around during sets was very difficult (in fact, I was completely trapped for Steve and the Sea, behind his mic meaning it was tough to get anything where it wasn’t in the way!) Also, an ask from the Sofar crew to get crowd shots was another additional thing to consider. Er… I photograph bands.. I’ve no idea what I’m doing with real people! Eep! Still, I think some of the audience shots came out really well.

When Laura Moody appeared with her Cello I breathed a little sigh of relief. Boy do I love photographing large instruments! (Shut in up in the back! 😛 )

Laura Moody

Offical Website

The Gorgeous Chans

Steve and the Sea

Sofar Sounds: O Captain, Bec Sandridge, Benedict Benjamin

My first ever Sofar Sounds, and what a wonderful little idea this is.   Secret gigs around the world, no idea who is playing.  Just sign up, and it will be held somewhere you wouldn’t expect there to be a gig.   This one turned out to be in a tiny antiques store less than 2 minutes walk from Liz’s house. Perfect.

We turned up, camera in hand, and discovered a beer shop in the back.  Even better.   Then the line up?  O Captain. Perfect 🙂  (I’m a bit of a fan boy..)

Anyway, because I expected it to be a bit of an intimate (i.e. tiny) venue, I asked a friend to borrow one of their bigger lenses.  Although I love my 50mm F1.4 prime lens, it really doesn’t do tight spaces well!  So, I ended up with a rather lovely Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 which, as you can see, did perfectly for capturing more of a sense of the room and the people sat watching.  Luckily, because we got there rather eagerly, I managed to get a seat a reasonably distance back from the performance area, and raised up a little, meaning the 50mm had LOADS of room for capturing some nice shots.

Anyway, I really like these!

O Captain

Bec Sandridge

Benedict Benjamin