Dyonisis, Unkillable Clerics in aid of Ben’s Centre

The first Dyonisis gig for a while and the last one I’ll take photos of with Lou singing!

I caught them a few weeks ago in Sheffield on her penultimate gig but didn’t take my camera for wanting just to watch them. This gig though back in February was a bit of a pain for photos. The stage is quite high, meaning a lot of shots become “up nose” photos, which are rarely flattering. Also we had some weird head height spot lights going on, meaning that quite a few shots of Nel were completely un-rescuable due to turning her face into a white beacon of light! This set also had an awful lot of focus issues. I suspect that a combination of the high stage and wide aperture meant the focusing was a lot less forgiving than usual. Some of the Unkillable Cleric shots in this set show the problem, but I figured the shots were good enough

The event was put on as a celebration of the life of Dora and to collect donations for Ben’s center

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Unkillable Clerics
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