We Dig For Fire

Back in 2014, Andy from We Dig For Fire, who’d I’d photographed a bit a few times over the years, dropped me a message on Facebook and asked if I’d be willing to come and do some promotional shots for them at some point.  After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided I would have a go and arranged it.   Those photos will appear on here fairly soon, but after taking them, We Dig For Fire were playing at Corporation so I hung around and took some shots of them during the gig, and afterwards while packing down.

I wasn’t that happy with the live shots I ended up with; it did seem to be darker than usual in Corporation and I was really struggling to get anything at all in a reasonable ISO for my camera, so I ended up given up and pushing it to 3200 which results in really grainy shots.

I do like the relaxed but exhausted vibe you get from the shots after the gig though!


DeadBlondeStars, Titan’s Troubadours, Greta Nova, Deaf Crows

I took these photos so long ago, it’s kinda of a relief to get through them! I clicked over 400 photos at this gig, which has made getting through them a bit of an epic battle, especially combined with the back pain I’ve caused myself post the tramlines processing marathon. Still, done now!

Some of these have come out ok!

I’ve got a bit of a backlog to get through now. Possible 4 gigs worth? :/


Titan’s Troubadours

Greta Nova

Deaf Crows