Resistance, Bring On The Bloodshed, I Call Mutiny

Not much to do on Sunday night, and after feeling a little rejuvenated from taking the Fallen Mafia pictures the other day, I spotted that there was an event on at The South Sea up in Broomhill and though I’d go for a wander up.

These guys were all LOUD. I was wearing plugs, but still felt a bit deaf afterwards! They were also all brilliant. Really tight, quality sound. Lots of energy and really fun to shoot.

They could do with a couple more lighting cans in the South Sea though. A lot of the lighting was concentrating down on the right hand corner of the stage, biasing quite a few of the photos. They were also mostly white, which must have been really warm!




Fallen Mafia, Black Moon Rising

Easter Bank Holiday is upon me and I had NOTHING to do, so considered going out clubbing. Then I realised that Resistenz festival was on at Corp which kinda scuppered that plan. While moaning about this on Facebook, Kev from Newcastle pointed out that a band he thought were good were playing The Dove and Rainbow, so I decided to go and shoot them instead!

Line Up:
Fallen Mafia supported by Black Moon Rising

I took about 700 images, and managed to pull these 61 out which I was happyish with. The light isn’t great on right hand side of the Dove, but we work with what we’ve got :). There is quite a lot of colour tweaking in photoshop on these.

Fallen Mafia

Black Moon Rising