Live Bands

Exit Strategy One, Massa Confusa, Casual Threats

The last time I took photos of Exit Strategy One, it was actually supposed to be Kaiju Hunters, but they sprung back to life somehow. This, I think, was their first proper gig since reforming, and Tom asked me to come down and take some photos.

This turned into something of a monster set with 440 shots across 3 bands. It’s taken me a long time to work my way though it, not because the shots were hard to work with, but more because of the difficulty choosing the shot to work on.

The shots of Casual Threats definitely came out the best and I’m really not sure why. I’m not aware of doing anything different for their set, but I do remember struggling to get the shots I wanted for Exit Strategy One.

Still, I ended up with a set of photos I’m really quite happy with, now I’ve through it!

Exit Strategy One

Massa Confusa

Casual Threats

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